Things Ive Learned Recently…

–       If you ignore a bill, it becomes a more expensive bill and no one secretly pays it for you.

–       If you fish for compliments people refuse to give them to you

–       If you’re feeling too good about yourself, life will balance that out for you, like this morning at the gym when someone mistook me for my sister who just had a baby and said, “Gettin there babe!”

–       Instead of taking birth control I’m pretty sure you can just sit with your computer on your stomach all day

–       People who floss think they’re better than everyone else

–       People are really critical when you admit to taking ambien every night, gawd

–       It is not cool to put a picture of you and a celebrity on facebook

–       People with I Phones think they’re better than everyone else and they are definitely not. Still have yet to get an accurately worded email from one

–       Moms take recycling really seriously. Like, I’m pretty sure the trash just sorts itself these days

–       TV Remotes last forever on the same set of batteries, its crazy

–       Any girl who doesn’t always have a hair tie on her wrist can’t be trusted

–       People who get offended easily are exhausting to be friends with

–       If a guy gets the wrong idea and thinks he’s on a date with you, you should offer to pay to make it clear

–       Posting a list of random things is a major copout from writing a real blog entry