About a year ago my dad and step-mom started a project. Every Sunday we would come to their house and paint one 8×10 canvas with anything we wanted. Don’t be weirded out that I used the word “step mom”. I know they’re supposed to be evil, and trust me, in my experience up until now they definitely are. But this one isn’t. They actually aren’t even married yet, so I could absolutely pull a “Parent Trap” move on her if I wanted to. But I don’t want to. I mean mostly because I’m too old, but secondly just because I actually like her. And I would be honest. This is MY blog. I would give her a fake name that rhymed with her name and go off about it.

Anyway, If we had a friend in town, they would come and paint one too. Everyone was welcome to join in. When we had enough to fill a wall, they would all go up like one huge piece of art. When it started some people whined about it, they were worried theirs wouldn’t be good enough, that they weren’t artistic enough, but everyone who was there on Sunday had to participate. It was always the ones who were most resistant that ended up getting so absorbed in their painting that they lost track of the hours that passed. And a lot of people surprised themselves with the creativity that showed up in them when the time came. I’m gonna be honest, some people sucked. Like, these people thought the first color they should grab was brown. Enough said. I tried to display patience with them, but I usually ended up making some kind of passive aggressive comment to them about how art isn’t really their thing, while I swayed around the room holding a glass of pinot grigio. Some might say that when I want to shine over the rest I become a little unlikable. I would agree with that statement. But its almost like my bad behavior pays off because my paintings were always a big hit. I’m not even a very good artist, so I was always happily surprised. My (slightly) younger sister Jordan became obsessed with trying to get more attention than me with her paintings, but it just wasn’t going to happen. I’m the star. Or maybe its less that I’m such a star and more that people have really low expectations for me and being the only loner sister out of 5 daughters, they like to give me something to live for. Whatever it is, I’ll take it.

So, we made it to one hundred paintings and they all went up on the wall this weekend. Now, when I say this was a family project, you don’t quite understand what that means for us. There is a painting up on this wall from the following people: My dad, his fiancee, her three kids, my two full sisters, my half sister, my other half sister who was adopted and reconnected with us 8 years ago, my step dad, his kids, my mom who i never saw have a conversation with my dad until a couple years ago, my ex step brother, and my dad’s fiance’s ex husband and his girlfriend.

No need to send me your therapists info, I already have one.