If your boyfriend takes his phone with him to the bathroom, he’s obviously cheating on you.

If you take your phone to the bathroom with you, you’re obviously just being responsible.

If someone comments on your Facebook page often, they are OBSESSED with you in a sick way and you should keep them close to you because as soon as people stop obsessing over you life gets so lonely.

I need to stop making Facebook reference on this blog, it’s beneath me.

If someone asks you what year you graduated, they are too young to be talking to and you should not even answer the question.

Contrary to what everyone says, Its totally fine to take naked pictures of yourself and email them to people you like as long as the pictures are flattering.

If a restaurant offers you a dinner table at 6pm or 10pm you have no pull and can not accept either of these options. Go somewhere else.

If you’re girlfriend has a leopard print rug or hand bag, I’m not saying break up with her, but just pay close attention to the choices she makes.

If you have a friend who never offers to drive, they better be offering to pay for things.

The best come back to anything is, “I’m sorry you feel that way”.