So when I look around and realize there’s a new trend happening, my first instinct is to quickly jump on board and hope that people just assume I was there from the beginning. After my first instinct, my second instinct is to think that I’m a huge follower and need to save some pride for a later date when I’ll definitely throw it out the window for a better cause like throwing up on someone’s expensive shoes at 3am. So, I hold off on joining in on the trend. I did it with high waisted jeans. I was pretty proud of myself for refusing to wear them. I caved immediately with tube tops in the eighth grade. There was no chance of resisting that one, they held your boobs in without a bra and were the perfect backdrop to my colorful choker collection. They’re the hands free Bluetooth of tops. I was in the mix with the fashionable girls and I learned my lesson when I realized that I was still wearing those sleeveless wonders after the trend had died off and they were considered last years news. I didn’t get that memo in time and was shooting out of third period, headed to lunch with the confidence of a girl who assumed she would be voted “most likely to be a fashion model” in that years yearbook. I don’t think that category existed and I definitely wouldn’t have won it, but I did come in third for best looking.. oh my god, you guys I am NOT trying to brag. I’m just laying out the groundwork for this story that has nothing to do with me coming in third for best looking. You guys stop, it’s not even that big of a deal. Let it go. You don’t need to comment that I should have come in first, obviously that’s something I’ve thought about for the last ten years. But it was humbling. Truly.

I digress.

Okay, so basically after the whole tube top fiasco, I stopped following trends when the trend is happening. When something is cool, I find myself holding off as long as possible and refusing to give in. Then as soon as the trend is dead and gone and in an old US Weekly that has Kate Gosselin on the cover happily smiling with her asian husband, THAT’S when I decide to give in and start wearing that thing. It makes me feel like I’m bringing back the trend when its not cool anymore, which makes it very rebellious and bold. I realized I did this recently when I bought a pair of Jet skinny jeans with the rips down the front. They were so cool a few years ago. Nicole Richie was wearing the shit out of them. Now they’re forgotten and so obviously I bought them and decided I’d wear the shit out of them. It turns out that people remember old trends and are not supportive of you thinking you can bring them back. They became fodder for many jokes that I was on the receiving end of. One super fashionable friend of mine actually chose a date for me to retire them. She said I had three more weeks to enjoy them until I had to send them off to Good Will. People take this stuff seriously. They didn’t want to be seen out with me and my rippy jeans. The more they got hated on, the more desperately I felt the need to wear them and change everyone’s mind. It didn’t work. No one liked them. No one supported me and rippy. We had to go our separate ways. What is the point of this blog entry you say? Well, clearly you just can’t pick up on the highbrow symbolism of the jeans representing my father.