Okay so I saw the movie “Crazy Stupid Love” last night. I won’t go into my thoughts on the movie because I’m not qualified to critique a movie and any criticism i have is hypocritical considering that I’d kill to have been in it. The point is that it’s all about love and yearning and loss and the kick in the face that happens when we fall in love and the kick in the gut that happens when someone leaves us or stops wanting us. How powerless we are to it, how rational thinking goes out the window and logical reasons of why we shouldn’t love them simply can’t be factored into our feelings. Being in love can make the toughest person vulnerable. Once you’ve had it, its the only reason to live and once you’ve lost it, you can’t imagine how you’ll continue on living at all. I’m obsessed with watching this in other people. The way that we swim against the tide. When someone pulls away we try pulling them closer. It pushes them further. The way that one person’s indifference creates an others panic. The smartest person acts like an idiot. The most seemingly insignificant person levels someone you had on a pedestal. Time moves so fast you can’t catch your breath. You see something in someone that no one else can find. Watching them stand next to the new girl in their life makes you forget how to move the muscles in your legs. It makes you wonder if you’ll ever eat food again. People who have never experienced this, they glide on the surface above you where nothing is ever too painful and nothing is ever so amazing they’re speechless. They’re somewhere in the middle. And that’s a fine place to be, but we don’t really have a choice do we? So, I thought back to the songs that captured the desperation of love and loss and the crazy person it stirs up in us. Here they are. Maybe you’re feeling it right now and hearing the insanity in someone else helps you remember that you’re not alone and you’re definitely ALIVE to the fullest degree. You shouldn’t ever regret that.